PE pipe

Polyethylene pipe (polyethylene pipe) which has been used most in water transfer, also has sewage, water supply, drainage, drip irrigation. This product is produced in sizes of 16 to 630 mm according to the standard and in pressures of 4 to 25 atmospheres.  PE80-PE100 raw materials are the most reputable manufacturers of polyethylene materials in the world is provided.

Features such as this product make it possible for polyethylene pipes to replace pipes very soon

Be different. The most important of these are:

High resistance to pressure, impact, abrasion, chemical corrosion and decay
High resistance to heat and cold(from 80 C to 20 C )
resistance to sunlight and infrared and ultraviolet radiation
Excellent resistance to vibrations caused by earthquakes
non-pathogenicity due to special chemical properties
the ability to be supplied as a ring from 100 to 400 meters
can be used on rough terrain
resistant to rust
long life
no need for paint and coating.

Indications :

Pressurized irrigation networks
Water networks, sewage urban and rural
Cables covering electricity, telecommunications and fiber optics
Fluid systems and industrial wastewater
Drainage network construction
Mobile irrigation system
As ventilation ducts

 The products produced by Pipe Gostar Khademi Company are subjected to various tests.  Polyethylene pipes are no exception.  One of the tests performed for polyethylene pipes is the hydrostatic pressure test of the polyethylene pipe burst pressure test.  Also, the method of producing polyethylene pipes in Khademi Pipe Gostar Company is extrusion.  In this way, the raw materials are introduced into the extruder device in the form of granules and melt due to heat.

Polyethylene pipes are produced in different grades such as PE100, PE80 and PE63 grades, which have different applications.

Uses of polyethylene:

pipes for water supply urban and rural
sewerage networks Irrigation
networks under pressure Fire extinguishing
systems and fire protection of electrical cables telecommunications and fiber optic
systems for transfer of liquids and industrial sewage of drainage
networks of buildings
systems and mobile irrigation system
mobile air conditioning systems

For more information, read the article "Uses and applications of polyethylene pipes". Also, the article on the disadvantages of polyethylene fittings and pipes provides interesting explanations about polyethylene.

Installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems that use these pipes is a very complex and specialized task that requires trained specialists and special equipment. Welding of these pipes is one of the most important parts of installation, which must be done with high accuracy. If welding is not done properly, leakage is possible in the short term. It is recommended that you read the popular article "Polyethylene Pipe Welding and Polyethylene Fittings".

Every year, international exhibitions are held in the field of polyethylene pipes and polyethylene fittings, which shows the importance of this product in the global market, as well as modern European and world industries.

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