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Khademi Pipe Gostar has focused on offering two specialized products in the market, which is this made up to the maximum productivity of the company's products; (upvc)as well as polyethylene pipe(pe)and the types of fittings of these two pipes are the company's specialized field, and we have ranked them among the leading domestic manufacturers.

Plica pipe is a term used instead of UPVC pipe and has found many applications in the construction and road construction industry. The term (UPVC)Unplasticized PolyVinyl Chloridemeans hard plastic polyvinyl chloride, which has its own uses. In general, "polyvinyl chloride" has many uses.
And the polyvinyl chloride product chain and the downstream polyvinyl chloride downstream product chain show
This type of plastic will be very useful.

The most common uses of UPVC pipes are:

• Pressure Irrigation SystemFarm
• Urban Water Supply System
• Urban Sewage System
• Building Sewage System
• Water Supply System from Water Wells
• Building Water Supply System
• Transmission of Electrical and Telecommunication Cables
• Building Ventilation System
• Rainwater Drainage System Features Plica(UPVC)

There are also some notable features of this type of plastic, some of which can be mentioned:

1. Free of rust, decay and deposition, no discoloration, taste or smell of water. 2.Ease of installation and operation without the need for special equipment for welding polyethylene pipes and green pipes
3. Resistant to acids and bases in wastewater
4. Slight heat transfer compared to metals
5. Suitable for earthquake-prone, sedimentary and humid areas.
6.Lack of destructive longitudinal expansion
7. High plaque flow rate compared to other sexes and its persistence over time. 8.Having the lowest coefficient of longitudinal expansion compared to other polymers
8. The lowest longitudinal expansion coefficient compared to other polymers
How to install and use Polka

To connect Plica pipes to Plica connections, we must consider rules and regulations. For this purpose, an article
In the articles section titled "Connecting Pipes and Types of PVC Fittings", there is Plica (which is described in full in the form of a pdf file). This file has 26 pages in which all types of fittings are fully examined. It is located and the way of gluing, cutting and connecting Plica pipes is shown in full with the image and diagram.

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