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We are one of the leading companies in the field of polyethylene fittings, which we are able to produce any type of fittings of any size and quality, and we are also ready to produce a special product for our esteemed customers.

Plica fittings are not a product, but a requirement for all customers in the construction, water and sewage and road construction industries. These products can be made in Pipe Gostar Khademi Company with any variety and quality. Plica fittings are a complementary product for Plica pipes that must be purchased along with this product. According to experts, it is better that the connections used are of the same sex as the Plica pipe purchased.

What are Plica connections and what are they used for:
In general, the pipe is smooth and straight, and there is not much flexibility, especially in plica material. As a result, there is a need for by-products to change the direction and also to change the volume of the passage. This product is sold under the name of connections.

The great variety of connections has made it difficult for some people to easily choose the product they need. By clicking on each product, you can see the full description of the product and have a better choice.

Some high-consumption connections:

Socket - Three WaysThree Ways Conversion - Cap - Flange - Knee- Siphon - Crossroads

Basically, Plica fittings are used in the following cases:

• Pressurized irrigation system Farm
• Urban water supply system
•Urban sewage system
• Building sewage system
• Water well system
• Building water supply system
• Transmission of electrical and telecommunication cables
• Building ventilation system
• Rainwater drainage system

How to install and use Plica connections

Dear customers, please note that the products of Pipe Gostar Khademi Company are made of the best materials and for high productivity, you should pay attention to the points considered by the experts of this company. These fittings can last a long time with good quality when installed, pre-installed items and tips.

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