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 Pipe Gostar Khademi Production and Trading Company is one of the manufacturers of polyethylene pipes, PVC pipes, polyethylene fittings and fittings (PVC)granular compound and plastic products which is in Tehran province in 1992 of Qaleh Mir industrial town and with the aim of supplying  The products needed by the consumer market were put into operation.

 At the beginning of its establishment, it decided to produce quality products and in this regard, it purchased production machines, technical knowledge and laboratory equipment in accordance with the latest technology in the world.  The company uses the presence of experts and specialists in this industry to produce its products under the brand of Pipe Gostar Khademi in thickness.

 Different pressures and categories are based on national and international standards.


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Laboratory quality control

 Laboratory of Lole Gostar Khademi Company can be seen in this section along with how the tests were performed on the products.

Looleh Gostar Khademi's products

Connections plicaeConnections plicae

Connections plicae

PE pipePE pipe

PE pipe

Pipes plicaePipes plicae

Pipes plicae


You can get more information about the company by downloading and studying the Lore Gostar Khademi catalog.

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