Welding of polyethylene pipes and fittings
1. The welding joints with electrofusion - ElectroFusion

Electro fusion fittings commonly used in gas distribution networks. The use of electro connections according to DIN standard recommendation National Iranian Gas Company and Germany.
2 - Welding Fittings Butt Fusion Procedure - But Fusion
In welded joints, weld quality and efficiency depends on the skill and ability of the welder, fit and proper performance welding machines and related equipment and the principles and laws of welding.
3. screw connections
Screw connections polyethylene, polyethylene water and sewer lines can be used at pressures below 4 times.

Welding of polyethylene pipes and fittings, primarily in the butt with a hot plate method (Butt fusion) is done in this way:
- Initially in two jaw pipe welding devices (fixed and mobile), and after setting up the necessary templates are closed. Page will be split between two tubes and pipes completely smooth and clean the edge after it is removed.
Hot plate whose temperature limit is reached (210-220 ° C) between the tube and the tube ends are attached to it and push the rule of Welding, upped the
To the point of contact with hot pipes, circular projection is consistent with a certain size.
In the following step, the pressure is reduced and inner layers are completely melted at the junction.
- Moving the welding machine, the back seat and a separate hot plate that does not enter any harm to surfaces melted.
- The spigots attached to each other quickly and the pressure gradually increases and the cooling Welding, kept constant.
- Cooling time in the above step depends on the thickness of the concrete pipes. During this time, the junction should be illegal under stress or pressure.
- Welding edge of a ridge at the junction must be separated. Formation of the bulge, indicating that welding is done on a uniform
Pipes and fittings should preferably be produced in a factory otherwise Welding and connect with cracks and fractures

• Before welding, iron surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned. All that is required before the main welding pipes, a welding test (Dummy Join) take place.
• Always accuracy of the thermostat of the iron through accurate digital thermometers controlled to ensure the desired temperature is provided in ironing.
• Except when Otto is located in between the two tubes, the device should always be kept in its sheath from the wind, dust and damage protection.

• It is best suitable for welding in the flat and clean to prevent contamination and particles disturb the surrounding environment do not work

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