To buy machinery manufacturing, technical knowledge and equipment in accordance with the world's technology. The company utilizes the presence of experts and industry professionals, the ability to produce PVC-U pipes and fittings in sizes 20 to 400 mm with a polymer Hanan brands Golpayegan, Developers burner Semnan, Yazd Golpayegan polymer, polymer Tehran Golpayegan, Hanan polymer tubes polyethylene from size 16 to 630 mm, made of plastic with brands Hanan Hanan Hanan Tehran and plastic Golpayegan in thickness and different pressure levels and has both national and international standards.


National standards used:

Plicae pipes telecommunications 11105
Plicae pipes studs 1-12142
Plicae water pipes 2-13361
9118 plicae underground sewage pipes
Building sewer drain pipe plicae 9119
PE pipe water supply, sewage and drainage 2-14427
PE pipe fittings irrigation (drip) 7607
PE pipe sewage, drainage gravity 1-16498
PE pipe gas distribution networks 2-11233


Policy Integrated Management System Pipe Co. servant


Wide Pipe Manufacturer servant and Polyethylene pipes and fittings P.V.C.U Iran is active in national and international standards.
In order to achieve macro-mentioned objective, the following targets set in the program is working.


Increase customer satisfaction
Reduce waste production
Prevention of Environmental Pollution
Prevention of occupational accidents and diseases
Increase product quality


In order to achieve the above objectives servant pipe company-wide standard requirements of ISO / IEC17025, OHSAS18001, ISO14001, ISOTS10004, ISO10002, ISO9001 designed and implemented.
Its effectiveness through internal audits and management review meetings to review and improve.
Its effectiveness through internal audits and management review meetings to review and improve.
All staff are required to understand the policy and their activities are in line with the above objectives, planning and control.